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    As a company focusing on pet skin health, BELEWE is committed to creating a healthy hair growth environment for pets in the simplest way.

    Since 2001, BELEWE has been paying attention to the problem of stray dogs and cats in China, and we continue to mobilize people around us to join us to rescue more stray animals. We have formed a group and are constantly growing. In the process, we found that most of the stray animals have serious skin diseases such as folliculitis, eczema, rash, etc., compared with providing them with stable housing and sufficient food, solving their skin diseases distress was a more difficult problem, because they required complex drug treatment, and in the social environment at that time, as a voluntary and public welfare organization, providing them with a systemic medical service was a huge expenditure.

    In the absence of more drug support and insufficient financial support in the short term, we try to use pet bath products to relieve their skin problems through regular cleaning, but most pet bath products have no effect on their skin problems. Improvement and prevention have had little effect, whether these products are cheap or expensive, which has also led us to make up our minds to develop bath care products specifically for pet skin problems. But at the same time, we also made an interesting discovery, that is, most of the stray animals enjoy the process of us cleaning them. We know it's an effective way for us to build a relationship of trust with them, and they seem to prefer this type of interaction to unpleasant medication...they get quiet and enjoy...and in the process, we slowly understand what they need most. In their short life, simplicity, health, and happiness are their most important needs.


     At the beginning of 2005, we took the combination of pet skin disease drug treatment programs and pet bath products as a topic of our long-term research and used a simple and efficient way to solve complex and painful problems.

    In 2008, after three years of extensive research, practice, and improvement, we had a more complete rescue mechanism. At the same time, we launched the first set of pet shampoo series products with silver ions as the core ingredient for pet skin problems. We have proved through a lot of practice that silver ions can effectively relieve and prevent most of the skin problems of animals. With continuing use our products for stray animals, we are pleasantly surprised to find that their skin problems have been greatly relieved and improved in a short period of time, and their hair getting smoother, shinier, healthier, and more vibrant.

    Through in-depth research and revision in the past 10 years, our products are becoming more and more refined and effective. By adding different auxiliary ingredients, on the basis of effectively preventing and relieving animal skin problems, our products have more targeted nursing effects on cats, dogs, baby pets and other different types or groups of animals. While we are treating the stray pets, our products are also favored by professional dog breed training bases. Our products are delivered to China's professional guide dog and police dog training bases, which have won unanimous praise from them and strengthened the deep cooperation of both sides.


Whether it's a stray or your pet, they deserve better treatment. In the future, we firmly believe that there are more unknown people in this world who love them and are willing to help them as much as possible, and we are grateful and proud to be with them.

Because of love, so persevere, because of perseverance, so professional! We want to bring better products to them, make them easier and happier.

    BELEWE, focus on pet skin health, make intimacy one step closer!

    Whether you are an animal lover, pet owner, or animal protection organization, we are looking forward to be with you, thank you.


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